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“The ministry of theological education is surrounded both at the top as well as bottom by the reality of religio-cultural plurality of India.”



A humble beginning at Bareilly as English department of Bareilly Theological College during 1880, slowly felt the need to make it an All India institution and so it was shifted to centrally located city of India- Jabalpur in 1922. The first academic year began in 1923 with six students in an old bunglow known as Kullan Saheb ki Kothi. Slowly the other smaller nearby properties with buildings were added to make it a 26 acre land the present area of the college with a vision for further expansion and growth of the college with new initiatives and programmes.

It was an initiative taken up by the United Methodist Church-UMC (formerly known as Methodist Episcopal Church) under its Conference known as Methodist Church in Southern Asia (MCSA). This Conference MCSA grew to become the Methodist Church in India in 1982(MCI), but still in a relationship of ‘affiliated-autonomy’ with its overseas mother organization UMC.


LTC has always been focused on its Church-centric theological education as well as ministerial formation. Besides having the Church leaders from different denominations on its Board of Directors, the Church sponsorship is an essential requirement for its faculty and students. LTC is always mindful of its task of not only imparting theological education but it is doing so with a strong emphasis on the ministerial formation of its students.

Opened its doors to other churches and denominations at all levels – the representatives were invited on its governing council -Board of Directors; as faculty members; and students.

Right from its early stages, the college was affiliated with the theological university of India, known as The Senate of Serampore College (University), and till now it remains its one of the active member making significant contributions in its on-going pursuit of theological education.

During its history of over 93 years, LTC can make a humble claim of training over 6000 men & women for the various services & ministries in India & abroad. The goal of this College has been – “To prepare the people to serve humanity”.


“The Way of Life” in Greek ΟΔΟΣ ΖΩΣΑ is the motto proclaimed in the official monogram & seal of LTC. The Cross is nestled between the symbols of a Muslim architecture Arches on the top and it is rooted in the Hindu cultural & religious symbol of lotus at the bottom. This symbol means that the ministry of theological education is surrounded both at the top as well as bottom by the reality of religio-cultural plurality of India.

The most significant statement of our VISION is poetically expressed in the College Hymn – “Our Pentecost for India”,
composed by one of our faculty Rev. Dr. C. Stanley Thoburn during the golden Jubilee celebrations in 1972.


Marbled halls of ancient kingdom, mighty empires passed away;
Baffled lore and mystic longing join the cry for life today.
Open is the door effectual, see the multitudes that yearn,
Reaching up from crushed existence, ’tis for life their hearts do burn..

Show us Jesus” hear the cry of multitudes in thronging mart,
send us Lord, our Pentecost to bear the cross to India’s heart.

Forth there goes the weary pilgrim seeking peace in lotus shrines,
Though the proffered ways are legion still the heart of India pines.
Christ the living way we offer, high we hold His cross of love.
Joyfully we join in service, build we beauty from above.

” E’re abide in me,” says Jesus , “Would ye fruits of spirit bear? “
Yea, abide in us, we pray Thee, grant us power to do and dare.
So we pledge Thee, who hast called us, in one fellowship sublime,
All we are in glad abundance, make us prophets of our time. AMEN