Along with strong academic emphasis the College has designed systematic programmes to foster ministerial formation in the life & faith of the student.

Worship Life:

Every day morning chapel worship is conducted for the whole community where the students are engaged in taking leadership (singing, prayers, preaching, etc.) along with the faculty as a team for a week. On Mondays there is a separate women's chapel. Tuesdays are set aside for prayers and intercessions. Once a month on a Wednesday Holy Communion is conducted by different denominations turn by turn. Evening vespers are held under the leadership of the students with a detailed schedule for everyone to conduct it. There is an active prayer-cell group that meets once a month.

Practical Work: Week-End & Summer:

During the College sessions each student is assigned a week-end practical work in the local churches, and during Summer the students do a 5 week long practical work with their own denominational church or organization.

Student Organizations:

There are four student organizations where the students give leadership as its presidents and secretary-treasurer, who are elected by the student body. These are:

    • - Theological Students' Fellowship (also a unit of SCM)

    • - Literary & Debating Society

    • - Athletic Association

    • - Stewardship League
Finance & Administration - Cafeteria Management:

The students of Single Men's Hostel & Women's Hostel as a team for a month manage the affairs of Cafeteria where they learn to manage finance & administration with Christian values. A team of student editors keeps check & balance to the management. The audited accounts are presented before the Cafeteria general body for discussion & approval monthly.

Students' Work :

There are opportunities for the students to join in various activities of the college as student assistants with a little remuneration, such as:

    • Library Assistants
    • P.A
    • System Operators
    • Computer Room
    • Dispensary
    • Audio-Visual & PPT
    • Chapel Assistants
    • Fund Raising Assistants
    • Alumni Office
    • School of Research Assistants
    • Cafeteria Editors
    • Prayer Cell Secretary. etc