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Courses & Admissions

1. Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.): Affiliated to Senate of Serampore College (University) 2. Graduate in Theology (G.Th.): College Diploma. 3. Women’s School Certificate 4. Bachelor of Religious Education 5. Certificate of Religious Education 6. Church Workers’ Course
The academic year consists of Two Semesters of 16 weeks each. The First semester runs from June to October, and the second semester from November to April.
Essential requirement for admission to LTC is Church sponsorship for the candidate for admission, with a clear understanding that the Church-sponsorship includes financial guarantee or the candidate is self-financed.

Facilities & Procedures

The College Campus is spread on 26 acres of land with abundance of greenery and shady trees all around. The main college building is a double storied building, it has a grand chapel on the one side and library, archives and Offices are placed on the other side. Chapel: with organ & balcony. Library: with 40,000 volumes of books, journals and other reference material, it has a reading hall with reference books, current journals & periodicals. The computers with are placed in the hall for the students. Auditorium: with stage and curtains. Cafeteria (Mess): with seating capacity of 200 students. Hostels for Single women, men and separate quarters for the married students with families: Nursery & Creche with care-takers for the students' children; College Clinic with visitation of doctors on week days: Laundry facility: On the campus washer man's family lives to attend to such needs. Faculty houses make the outer most ring of the campus along the boundary wall. Cricket field (also used for Foot-ball) and other play grounds for volley-ball, badminton, basket ball, hand-ball & ring-tennis, etc. A safe and secure campus with guards on the gate provides a wonderful, close-knitted family- like living experience for the whole LTC community.
Admission forms with Prospectus can be obtained any time in the year with a payment of Rs. 500/-
Admission-Fee of Rs. 10,000 (non-refundable). Rest of the fee must be deposited in June while joining.
January 31 last date to submit the admission forms with all the documents, such as academic transcripts, church sponsorship documents, financial guarantee papers, and latest medical check-up report, two references along with a statement of commitment for the church ministry by the candidate.
Entrance Test in the month of March for the ensuing year. Entrance test is done for three subjects - Bible Knowledge, General Knowledge & English.
The result is posted in April when the qualified candidates are required to submit Admission-Fee of Rs. 10,000 (non-refundable). Rest of the College fee Rs. 80,000/- must be deposited in two instalments firstly in June, and then in October every year.

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